2014-2-22 International Open Data Day in Osaka

As announced on the 17th of February 2014, Osaka has become the first City Node of ODI in Japan. Innovate! Osaka, an organization formed by Osaka City, has agreed to become part of the international Open Data community.

This year, the International Open Data Day in Osaka will be held in the Osaka Innovation Hub, a place open for innovation and run by Innovate! Osaka. We hosted the International Open Data Day Pre-event on the 11th of February. We had an amazing time sharing the open data projects from LOD Osaka, Kyoto Open Data, Tamba Open Data, Code for Ikoma and the Habikino group in Osaka. The Pre-event was followed by technical study presentations from NPO LODI, the LOD Challenge and the HTML5 community. We completed the day with an Ideathon in which we discussed what we’ll make during the International Open Data Day in Osaka.

The International Open Data Day in Osaka event, held on the 22nd of February 2014, is called “Linked Open Data Hackathon Kansai”, and is hosted by the City of Osaka, NPO LODI, the LOD Challenge, and ATR Creative.

There will be technical support on Open Data & LOD, so feel free to register if you are interested in Open Data.

22nd of February 2014

Osaka Innovation Hub, Grandfront Osaka North Bldg. 7F


10:30 Registration begins

11:00-11:15 Opening

11:15-11:45 Sharing the results of the Ideathon discussed at the Pre-event on the 11th of February

11:45-17:00 Hackathon and Datathon teams will work together to make applications or data using the open data resources from Osaka City and other Kansai areas. We will provide LOD and a list of tools, libraries and example programs for all participants. It is perfectly fine if this is your first time to program with open data. We will help you with technical support. The results of the Ideathon on the 11th of February are listed here:

17:00-18:00 Share the result of the Hackathon

18:00-19:00 Closing

19:30-21:30 Party

Related Information
The event is free.
The party will be 3.500 yen each.

The capacity for the event is 40 people and 25 people for the party.

Please register from this URL.



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